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Natural Flea Control and Tick Spray

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Natural Flea Control and Tick Spray for pets

TripleSure Natural Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs and Cats (16 oz).

Our 100 percent natural flea control and tick killer is made with pure essential oils of cedar wood and peppermint. Scientifically formulated to kill fleas, ticks, bed bugs, mosquitoes, mites, mange, lice, and stinging insects. Safe enough to use on puppies and kittens, yet strong enough for a horse. 16 oz., fine mist Finger Spray pump or "Any Position" Trigger Sprayer. BUY 1 GET 1 FREE.

Natural flea control is the safe and sensible alternative to chemical pesticides. Now you can kill dog fleas, cat fleas and ticks in seconds with the natural active ingredients the United States Environmental Protection Agency calls "Of insignificant risk to humans, animals and the environment."
Within seconds of application, TripleSure®:
    1. Kills:

        Ear mites

    2. Repels:

        Stinging insects

    3. Retards:

        New insect infestations

Pure, organic flea control -- safe enough for kittens and puppies, yet strong enough for a horse.
It's All Over The News:
Name Brand Products' Harmful Side Effects
Are you like so many other pet owners that are fed up with the harsh and dangerous chemicals found in many of the "leading" flea removal and tick control solutions on the market today?
Side effects reported when using "popular" flea and tick pet products include:

            Loss of appetite
            Excessive whining, barking, crying
            Aggressive behavior
            Body twitches/tremors
            Stiffened limbs
            Unsteady gait
            Lack of co-ordination
            Labored breathing
            Thyroid cancer
            Liver enlargement/toxicity
            Liver and lung tumors
            Enlarged kidneys
            Brain lesions
            Increased miscarriages
            Smaller offspring

But finally a natural, organic flea control product that kills both ticks and fleas (plus Bedbugs, Mites and Cockroaches) in seconds! Then TripleSure® continues to repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies and stinging insects long after you apply the spray.
PLUS, it continues to keep new insect infestations at bay so that your pet is entirely pest free.
Never Worry About Harmful Chemicals
On Your Pet Again!


TripleSure® is 100% non toxic. Only natural, botanical active ingredients are used in our spray. We use both Cedar Oil and Peppermint Oil, both of which carry a pleasant, natural scent. Each of these botanicals is efficient and powerful in effective flea extermination.
Cat Flea Treatment

TripleSure® is a flea spray for cats that is safe to use as a kitten flea treatment, too. Did you know that it is dangerous to use chemicals on kittens? Even certain essential oils have been found harmful to felines.
But not ours. Our combination of superior grade Cedar Oil and Peppermint Oil has proven safe and effective over many years with tens of thousands of satisfied customers, cats and kittens. You will feel good knowing that you have done your best for your pet.
Dog Flea Treatment
Get rid of fleas on puppies and dogs, too! Your pet will love you for your humane choice in flea and tick treatment.  Complete herbal flea control for the home and yard … do-it-yourself flea control that puts you in control.
For about 11¢ per day you and your pets can have peace of mind that fleas and ticks will be gone … F A S T!
How do I apply TripleSure? How often?
Every one or two weeks, depending on your pet’s outdoor activities, spray liberally but not to the point of saturation. Begin spraying your pet at the tail and continue with the entire coat, including legs and under body. Then pamper your pet by hand fluffing the fur in the opposite direction it normally lays to assure penetration to the skin. TripleSure is safe and gentle enough to apply daily if necessary.
How long will a bottle last?

TripleSure comes in a big 16 ounce bottle to save you money. Depending on your flea and tick infestation, a bottle should last you all through the season. The shelf life is four years.

Is TripleSure® Guaranteed?
Absolutely! Simply try TripleSure® risk free with our 100% money back guarantee. If you're not thrilled with our product, just return the unused portion within 90 days for a full refund of your purchase price (less shipping and handling), no hassle, no questions asked. "If you're not happy, we're not happy."


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