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Microvelvet Round Pet Bed

safe for Dog and Cat

The remarkiable microvelvet fabric actually repels pet hair, dirt and moisture. In fect, most of our cutomers simply vacuum of shake-off pet hair!

$69.80 - $149.50
Blue Bird Cat Bowl

Blue Bird Cat Bowl

Because a cat can dream. Glazed ivory-colored porcelain bowl with 4-color image of bluebird in flight. Yellow circle around bird.

Bowsers Denim Piazza Pet Bed

Your perfect pooch will perch happily atop a Bowsers Diamond Series Cotton Piazza Dog Bed!

$104.50 - $159.50
Bowsers Blue Bayou and Grey Teddy Plush Designer Orthopedic Pet Bed

Safe for Dogs and Cats

Great solution for pets that tend to take out and play with removable cushions from their bed. 

$89.99 - $189.99
Cameo Cat Bowl

Cameo Cat Bowl

A retro vignette in red, black, and white.

Chamonix Pet Transport Tote

Pet Transport bag inspired by traditional baby carriage. Comfortable either for the pet and its master.

$96.00 - $116.00
Ecofool Pet Bed

Perfect for everyday use or for traveling, just fold the bed and roll the cushion.

$125.00 - $195.00
Gen7Pets G7 Jogger Pet Stroller

Safe for Dogs and Cats

Gen7Pets™ Pet Strollers combine product innovation and Fashion and are the only strollers with Smart-Features™.

Was: $299.98
Now: $189.99
Gen7Pets Monaco Pet Stroller for Dogs or Cats

Safe for Dog and Cat

Smart-Comfort pad is thickly padded for extra comfort and is machine washable. For Pets up to 60 lbs.

Was: $229.99
Now: $214.85
Moderist Cat Feeding Mat

Moderist Cat Feeding Mat

Striped for your protection. Vinyl placemat with modernist graphics comes between the food and the floor and wipes clean with a sponge.

Rodeo Urban Lounger Pet Bed

Rodeo Urban Lounger Bed - Contemporary, streamlined shape, and clean lines define this latest trend setting bolster design.

$0.00 - $219.50
Slope-Side Happy Cat Bowl

Slope-Side Happy Cat Bowl

The sloping sides of these ceramic bowls - adorned with a Cheshire-cat-in-training - make it easier for felines to dig into their repasts without missing a morsel.

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